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  • Is it cheaper to print in black and white than in color?
    Yes! We offer discounted rates for black and white pieces, although the document must be fully void of color. For example, a black and white brochure with a red logo in the corner counts as a color print. Likewise, a black and white menu with no trace of color will be discounted.
  • Do you offer design?
    Yes, we provide unique design and templates for a fee.
  • How do I know what type of paper is best for my project?
    We mostly categorize paper by weight (#), finish, and shininess. Weight corresponds to the thickness and stiffness of a paper. For example "130# gloss cover" paper is heavier and stiffer than "40# opaque text" paper. For reference, normal computer paper is weighted 20#. Finish refers to titles such as but not limited to "cover", "text", or "book." Cover is like a thin cardboard, text is more like traditional paper, and book is designed to be easily folded into booklets. The final piece is the shininess. Paper can either be coated (shiny) or uncoated (matte). Keywords like "gloss" or "silk" would indicate a paper is coated and if these keywords are absent then the paper is most likely uncoated. So "130# gloss cover" would be coated and "40# opaque text" would be uncoated. The main difference in coated paper versus uncoated paper is in the appearance. Coated paper is shinier and more vibrant while uncoated is more refined and unreflective. Reference the image below!
  • Is it cheaper to print in bulk or in small batches?
    There's no reason to print more than you need, but printing 500 business cards in one shot will be cheaper per piece than printing 250 business cards one month and then needing 250 more the next month.
  • Do you offer shipping?
    Yes! Costs will depend on your location but smaller projects to more local locations will be $10-$15. Larger projects, or farther locations are often more expensive.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes! Costs depend on your location but smaller projects to more local locations will be more affordable. Larger projects, or farther locations are often more expensive.
  • What is the turnaround time for a job?
    We usually ask for 2 weeks, but in most cases the job will be completed before then. Huge jobs, promotional products, and apparel are subject to their own timeline and can often take longer.
  • If I don't want to pay for delivery or shipping, what are my other options?
    Pickup at the front desk at The Factory Ministries anytime 9:00AM-4:30PM Monday through Friday is always free!
  • What is the largest size you can print?
    As big as you need it to be!
  • Can I walk in to have something printed or talk about a project?
    We are more than happy to talk about your print needs but would ask you email to set up an in person appointment or meeting via zoom.
  • Can you print names and addresses directly onto envelopes?
    Yes! We can do that!
  • What If I have another question not answered here?
    Please email with any questions and we will get back to you very soon!
  • Do you print on backpacks?
    Yes! Email to learn more.
  • Do you print booklets?
  • Do you print stickers?
  • Do you print banners/posters?
    Yes! Email to learn more.
  • Do you print business cards, rack cards, and postcards?
    Yes, yes, and yes!
  • Do you offer apparel?
    Yes! Reach out to to learn more.
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