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Thank You for Four Years

Four years ago The Factory Ministries launched a social enterprise, Factory Prints, and encouraged people and businesses to print with purpose. The heart behind Factory Prints was mitigating the expense of our internal print needs while driving revenue towards our operational budget. We dreamed of a day when we could say to every donor, “Because of Factory Prints covering our operational cost (utility bills, etc), 100% of your donation is going directly to the reduction and alleviation of poverty.”

Over the last four years we’ve grown and learned a lot about the print industry… we are grateful to each and every one of you who have joined us and printed with purpose. We’ve been asking: What’s next for Factory Prints? What would best serve our customer’s needs? How do we continue to give Factory Prints and Factory Ministries both what they need while staying laser focused on the core mission of The Factory Ministries? Those questions have lead us to an exciting decision and announcement:

Integra Graphics Synergy has acquired Factory Prints. All of Factory Prints past, current and future customers who print with Integra will have the satisfaction of knowing 50% of the job’s profit will go directly to The Factory Ministries.


We are excited to work with a partner in Integra that shares many of our values. Print customers will still have that personal “hand holding” customer service and an excellent product at a competitive price… all while knowing that they are continuing to print with purpose as a portion of their order supports the work of poverty alleviation and reduction through the work of The Factory Ministries. Integra can also cover your full printing and graphic design needs.

We are grateful for Integra and now dream of the day when this new partnership in prints is able to cover the bulk of our operational budget!


Thank you for all your support over the years. Thank you for printing with purpose.


Print Services


All of your print needs will be personally cared for by Integra Graphics Synergy. Reach out to Tanner Lodish below for a quote, and let him know you're coming from Factory Prints. 

Not only will a portion of your order support The Factory Ministries, but you can also receive 20% off your first order of up to $150. 

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